Builders & construction

No matter what your requirements are within this sector we have the experience and expertise to assist with all matters related to this industry. You may simply be a general Construction Company and ask about the status of your subbies. You may have a Construction Company running alongside your own property portfolio or you may just have a substantial property portfolio.

From setting out to midway through your career or considering retirement we can assist.

Worried about self-employed subcontractors? Initially we implement our initial questionnaire which asks 85 questions before considering issuing self-employed “Contract for Services”. Beware contracts are useless if you do not adhere to the terms and conditions.

However, just to “muddy the waters” there has been a long running case ending up in a Tax Tribunal with the tax man winning. What arose from this case is that there were no written contracts everything was oral, fine so far, then two subbies gave evidence confirmed that they were controlled in most aspects of their work to include when they could take time off and the case was lost. Point is oral contracts are fine but what would the subbies be like when cross examined.

Whilst the Revenue won this case they have also lost many so make sure your subbies are “self-employed” and that both parties know exactly where they stand.

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